Staff are highly qualified, effective, and diverse

Unpacking the Commitment

We want the very best for our students. For each position across the school system, we set high standards to ensure they are the most qualified for the role they play, and we support them in performing effectively in those roles. Furthermore, we recognize the importance of diversity and strive to meet the goal of our staff mirroring the diversity of our student population.

c 2.2

Vision for 2.2:

Ensure that staff meet or exceed the qualifications required for the positions they hold.
  • Maintain high standards for screening and interviewing candidates for positions

  • Provide support through mentoring and induction programs

Evaluate staff with a focus on professional growth.
  • Continue systems of performance assessment utilizing multiple levels of evaluation, support, and intervention in evaluation (TPAS, LPAS, etc.)

  • Work with associations to develop companion systems of evaluation for support staff classifications

Recruit and retain a diverse workforce to reflect the community we serve.
  • Recruitment of Highly Effective and Diverse Staff among socio-economic categories

  • Expand the various  modes of recruitment to include in-person, online, virtual, and other means to reach an expansive pool of applicants

  • Partner with community organizations and educational institutions to expand our recruitment efforts with a focus on diversity, to include:

  • Partnerships with HBCU & NAACP for Student and Staff College recruitment

Performance Measures

  • Staff hired meet or exceed qualifications criteria

  • All staff are evaluated according to evaluation processes