School buildings support learning, effectiveness, and efficiency

Unpacking the Commitment

It is our responsibility to be efficient with our resources - which includes our buildings and facilities. Well-maintained buildings and energy efficiency practices are a reflection of our commitment to sustainability.

c 3.4

Vision for 3.4:

Provide state of the art technology infrastructure for student learning and program efficiency
  • Expand systems and infrastructure to support seamless instructional opportunities and timely communication

Implement expanded energy efficiency program
  • Monitor, maintain, and implement environmental hygiene program

  • Review utility usage data to understand energy use trends and to address possible infrastructure problems that may reduce energy efficiency 

Performance Measures

  • Providing current, up-to-date technology to support instructional and program needs

  • Implement technology plan and maintain viable equipment for student and staff needs.

  • Develop and implement plan to improve ongoing communication, including appropriate infrastructure components, as well as “soft” systems for providing information and access