School facilities are well maintained, safe, and welcoming learning environments

Unpacking the Commitment

Learning is impacted by the environment. Therefore, we ensure that our classrooms and schools are spaces in which students can thrive. Maintaining equipment, technology, and infrastructure is essential, as is ensuring students safety.

c 3.1

Vision for 3.1:

Support the ongoing attention to a proactive approach to maintaining and developing our infrastructure.
  • Reduce average age of facilities, particularly key infrastructure components, including:

  • Technology infrastructure

  • Operational and systemic infrastructure

  • Reduce reliance on relocatables to meet capacity needs

  • Fully implement integrated CIP plan commensurate with needs

Provide support for projecting system needs, including staffing
  • Provide staffing to properly maintain school buildings and systems aligned to national standards

Provide for the safe transportation of students each day
  • Students transported safely and efficiently  

Performance Measures

  • Continue to implement transition plans to replace unreliable or dated equipment, etc…

  • Implementation of safety/security plans

  • Continuation and refinement of ADA modifications to support student, staff, and community access

  • Reduce unplanned work orders by proactively addressing regular equipment maintenance needs