Assistance & Contacts

NamePositionExtension Areas of Responsibility

Alex Jaffurs

Assessment and Accountability Officer 32106 Assessment and Accountability Officer

Paul Fancella

Supervisor of Assessments 32106

State and Local Assessments and Online Learning

Denise Mandis

Supervisor of Instruction for Academy Programs, Advanced Placement and Library Media 32106

Academy Programs (STEM, AVPA, NAOF, GIS), Library Media, Advanced Placement, CollegeBoard Liason

Samantha Nelson

Administrative Secretary 32106 Support to the Assessment and Accountability Officer, Supervisor of Assessment,Supervisor of Instruction for Academy Programs, Advanced Placement and Library Media, Destiny Resource Manager, Peachjar, General Office Inquiries
Lori Wyman Programmer Analyst 32112 eSchoolPLUS/TAC/HAC, Cognos, School Messenger, Data Transfers

Michelle Graham

Programmer Analyst 32153  eSchoolPLUS, State Reporting, Maryland State IDs

Jeff Gibson

Project Coordinator I 32103  Moodle, Performance Matters/UNIFY, Digital Textbooks/Resources, Data Transfers
Kristen Maher Data Warehouse Program Assistant 32254  Performance Matters/UNIFY, RTI and Count-wide Assessments

Marie Lynch

Central Cataloger 32106  Destiny, Professional Development Library, Library Media, Central Cataloging