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1st Grade

What Your Child Will Learn in First Grade:

CCSS Strands Standards

Reading:               Literature/Informational Text

  • Identify key ideas and details by asking and answering questions about details in a text, retelling, and describing characters, ideas, and events.
  • Recognize craft and structure by looking at the meaning of words, phrases, and illustrations, identifying who is telling a story, and how to use text features.
  • Integrate knowledge and ideas by comparing characters in stories, and using illustrations and details to describe key ideas.
  • Read a range of texts of various levels of text complexity for grade 1.
Foundational Skills
  • Understand print concepts.
  • Show phonological awareness.
  • Use phonics in word recognition.
  • Read with fluency on grade level text.
  • Write a variety of text types and for a variety of purposes with guidance and support.
  • Produce and distribute writing.
  • Research to build and present knowledge (integrating technology).
Speaking and Listening
  • Comprehend and collaborate.
  • Present knowledge and ideas.
  • Use the conventions of Standard English.
  • Acquire and use vocabulary.

SMCPS Resources:

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Resources to Support Your Child at Home:

Generic Resources

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Recommended Reading/Online Books:

Phonological and Phonemic Awareness


Reading Comprehension


The following article provides tips to support reading fluency at home.  One of the easiest ways to support fluency is to encourage your child to reread familiar texts.


The following articles provide tips to support writing at home: