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Seasonal Tryout Information


Sports schedules may be found here: Southern Maryland Athletic Conference

Please note: Participation on outside teams is permitted provided it does not interfere with the high school program. Student-athletes are encouraged to choose between an outside team and a school team if they are unable to meet the commitments required by either team. It is unfair to their teammates and to others who may not have made the team if they are not fully committed to the team.

St. Mary’s County Public Schools support the philosophy that a education-based athletics program is vital to the positive social, physical, and educational development of students.  The education-based athletics program enhances and supports the academic mission of the school system.  We are committed to promoting the proper ideals of sportsmanship, ethical conduct, and fair play at all athletic contests.  We support high standards of good citizenship and propriety, along with regard for the rights of others.  Being a member of the interscholastic athletics program is a privilege to be earned and maintained throughout the season. Participants are expected to represent themselves, their families, their teams, and their schools in a responsible, sportsmanlike manner each time they enter a school, step onto the practice field, and/or participate in a game.


Important Announcement

Anyone wishing to compete for a place on a team is expected to be at all tryouts.

Upcoming Dates:

Event Date Posted
FIRST DAY OF FALL SPORTS TRYOUTS - SY 2022-23 8/10/2022 3/9/2020
FIRST DAY OF WINTER SPORTS TRYOUTS - SY 2022-23 11/15/2022 3/9/2020
FIRST DAY OF SPRING TRYOUTS - SY 2022-23 3/1/2023 3/9/2020
FIRST DAY OF FALL SPORTS TRYOUTS - SY 2023-24 8/9/2023 6/17/2021
FIRST DAY OF WINTER SPORTS TRYOUTS - SY 2023-24 11/15/2023 6/17/2021
FIRST DAY OF SPRING TRYOUTS - SY 2023-24 3/1/2024 6/17/2021
FIRST DAY OF FALL SPORTS TRYOUTS - SY 2024-25 8/14/2024 3/4/2022
FIRST DAY OF WINTER SPORTS TRYOUTS - SY 2024-25 11/15/2024 3/4/2022
FIRST DAY OF SPRING TRYOUTS - SY 2024-25 3/1/2025 3/4/2022
FIRST DAY OF FALL SPORTS TRYOUTS - SY 2025-26 8/13/2025 3/4/2022
FIRST DAY OF WINTER SPORTS TRYOUTS - SY 2025-26 11/15/2025 3/4/2022
FIRST DAY OF SPRING TRYOUTS - SY 2025-26 2/28/2026 3/4/2022

Need to know future start dates? If in any doubt, please check with your high school A.D. Projected State Tournament Dates - 2019-2027

Before scheduling such events family as vacations or SAT examinations please check with your high school so as to avoid conflicts with athletic events. For example, Fall tryouts start in early August, and the SMAC Tennis Tournament may start on a Saturday in May when SATs are offered so do not register for that date in order to avoid missing out on the tennis tournament. 


All interested athletes are expected to be present from day one and have all required documentation fully completed if they wish to compete for a place on the team. For online registration go to and use "Find a program" to select your high school.  Failure to submit all required electronic data entry/forms/cards by the deadline set by the high school will necessitate the exclusion of the student. This is because prior to allowing a student to participate in any tryout or sport, the high school must collect at a minimum the following: current medical clearance specifically to participate in high school sports; parental permission to participate, verification of medical insurance/policy number, a pre-participation head injury/concussion form, and updated medical concerns that the coaches need to be aware of.  It is recommended that physicals be done in July as they are good for one calendar year.

  • Preparticipation Physical Evaluation (updated August 2022)
    • History Form - To be filled out prior to examination by the patient or parent/guardian and provided to the Physician.
    • Physical Examination Form - To be completed by the Physician and kept in their office in the patient’s medical file.
    • Medical Eligibility Form - This is the ONLY form that should be submitted to the school.

In order to ensure the safety and security of players and coaches; eliminate unnecessary distractions, and protect the integrity of the tryout process, no third party observers are permitted at athletic practices or tryouts.

IMPORTANT: If a student with a documented disability is trying out for a sport and is requesting that an accommodation be made to enable him/her to participate, the athletic director and head coach must be notified at least two weeks ahead of tryouts so that there is adequate time to consider the request. 


Fall Season -The 6th Wednesday following the first Sunday of July to the last MPSSAA contest

  • Sideline Cheer leading
  • Cross Country
  • Field Hockey
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Corollary Cycling (October/November)
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball

Winter Season - November 15th to the last MPSSAA contest (unless 11/15 is a Sunday)

  • Basketball
  • Sideline Cheer-leading
  • Indoor Track and Field
  • Corollary Bowling (January/February)
  • Swimming
  • Wrestling

Spring Season - March 1st to last MPSSAA contest (unless 3/1 is a Sunday)

  • Baseball
  • Lacrosse
  • Corollary Bocce (April/May)
  • Softball
  • Tennis
  • Outdoor Track and Field


Contact Information

Mike Watson
Director of Facility Coordination, Physical Education, and Athletics

27190 Point Lookout Rd.
Loveville, MD 20656

301-475-4256 ext. 34143