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Corollary Sports Program

Participation in lifetime physical fitness sports and recreation activities

The Corollary Sports program is offered as an alternative program to the mainstream high school athletics program, with team rosters composed of both students with or without disabilities.

Students with disabilities who meet the eligibility requirements shall not be excluded from mainstream athletics try-outs unless their inclusion presents an objective safety risk to the student or others based on an individualized assessment of the student or fundamentally alters the nature of the mainstream athletic program.

During the mainstream try-out, a student with disabilities shall be allowed to use whatever modification or aids he/she usually uses to play the sport. Such modifications might include racing wheelchairs, artificial limbs, interpreters for deaf students, changes in position, or special equipment. A student shall not be excluded from trying out merely for needing modifications or aids. Parents/Guardians may request a meeting order to determine what accommodations are possible.

Participation in a tryout however, does not guarantee a place on a mainstream team.  The head coach determines the final roster for his/her team. That determination is made as a result of skill testing, achievement of performance standards, competitive demeanor, the student’s ability to function within a team environment, and roster limitations.

Students with or without disabilities that are not selected for the mainstream program are eligible to participate in the Corollary Sports program. The three activities offered across three seasons; Cycling (Fall), Bowling (Winter) and Bocce (Spring).

Please visit the SMCPS Corollary Sports Program Google Site for more information or contact Anna Routzahn, Coordinator of Adapted Physical Education & Corollary Sports at, 301-475-5511 ex:32212.

Contact Information

Mike Watson
Director of Facility Coordination, Physical Education, and Athletics

27190 Point Lookout Rd.
Loveville, MD 20656

301-475-4256 ext. 34143