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Global International Studies (GIS)

SMCPS Academy Applications are now open!

Please use this link to apply for AVPA, GIS, and STEM programming. 

Apply now

Applying Students!

Remember, you will need a teacher to submit a teacher input form! You can email or print and give this form to your teacher to help them get started.

Teacher Input

Application Process

Access the online application form in the Application Information tab.

Each application will be reviewed by an admissions team comprised of educators and administrators who will, in turn, make acceptance recommendations to the program supervisor. Candidates will be evaluated based on their past academic performance, dedication to learning, and their desire to be successful in the GIS program.

Admission Criteria

  • Scores on local performance assessments
  • English and Social Studies Grades
  • Applicants whose scores on the above measures meet or exceed the threshold score will be entered into a lottery for open seats.