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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions as well as information about our website features and social media outlets. 

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Students & Schools

How do I register my child?

Information can be found on our student registration page which will walk through the documents needed for registration and enrollment in SMCPS. 

How do I gain access to my child’s HAC account?

Contact your school office, they will assist you with passwords and log on information. Once your account is activated you can access the Home Access Center (HAC) resources page for log in links and additional resources.

Where will my child attend school? / What school am I zoned for?

The Capital Planning office can help 301-475-4256 x34135 or you can visit this page to find your assigned school by your physical address.

What bus will my child ride?

Visit Transportation and select the Bus Stop and School locator or contact the Department of Transportation 301-475-4256 Option 2.

How do I transfer my child to a school outside of my assigned district?

Contact the Department of Student Services, a permission form must be signed and approved by the building principal of the school where the child is zoned, the requested school’s principal must approve, then the form is sent to the Director of Student services for final approval.  Completing the form does not guarantee final approval by the director of student services.

How do I become a registered volunteer?

Volunteer information can be found on this webpage. Contact the Department of Safety & Security 301-475-5511 x32235


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Calendar & Events

When is spring break?

Spring Break, as well as all other school holidays can be found on our system calendar.

When will the calendar for next school year be available to the public?

Normally in April of the current school year, after it is approved by the Board of Education.

High School Graduation information

Contact your child's school office. 

When is the next BOE meeting?

BOE Meetings are listed on our calendar page. Learn more about the Board of Education on this webpage.


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Website Features

Front Page News

Our website homepage features a news slider with the most important and interesting information and events going on in our system. If you are an employee and would like your information added to the news slider, please fill out this form.

Calendar Page

Our events page was created to meet the community's demand for extracurricular activity information. The page features 3 different RSS event feeds: Athletics, Academics, and Fine Arts. Any and all of the feeds can be added to your own google calendar.

If you have an upcoming event that needs to be added please submit the information via this online formYou will need to be logged into an official email account to submit your form.

Portal Pages

Our website features two different Portal pages: Staff and Students & Families. If you feel there is a resource that needs to be added to a portal page, please fill out this form.

Forms Database

Our forms database provides the community with access to all of our fillable PDF forms, and a number of online forms. The forms are categorized by audience: Public & Employee. If you are unable to find a particular form, your best course of action is to contact the department responsible for the form. For example, bus routes would be covered by Transportation. 

Social Media


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Our Facebook page is a great resource and features an events page, photo galleries, and more. When visiting our Facebook be sure to not only like the page, but also enable notifications.


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Our YouTube channel features videos about school system events, board meetings, graduations, informative videos about safety and academics, and also highlights student made content as well.


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This is the official LinkedIn company page for St. Mary’s County Public Schools. If you want to add SMCPS to your LinkedIn Profile, this is the page to add.