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Public Comment Statement

The Board welcomes public input on policies and issues affecting our schools.  The Board takes this time to listen and consider, but not to comment.  This is not, however, the appropriate forum for negative comments or criticisms of individual staff or students.  Concerns about individual staff members that cannot be resolved at the level closest to the situation should be directed to the Superintendent.  This Board will not permit comments criticizing individual staff or students since this is outside the scope of public comment.

Additionally, the Board sits as an appellate body in both student and employee appeals.  The Board cannot comment on or have prior knowledge of a case that would influence their ability to deliberate.  To maintain the ability of the Board to render a fair and unbiased decision, comments regarding individual student or personnel issues cannot be presented at public comment.

Speakers must sign in at the beginning of the meeting.  Public comment is limited to 3 minutes per speaker and speakers may not yield their time to someone else.  The Board encourages speakers to present written statements to the Board secretary who will distribute copies to all Board members.