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Instructional resources are selected to assist students with learning the curriculum. Instructional resources include textbooks, supplemental materials, library media materials, and technology. Instructional resources are aligned with the curriculum and are selected to match students' varied interests, abilities, and learning styles.

While textbooks are not the only source for learning, textbooks are the most commonly used instructional resource to assist students with learning content, skills, and processes. St. Mary’s County Public Schools has adopted textbooks for use in many courses at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. Textbooks are adopted by a committee of teachers, administrators, and supervisors of instruction. Textbooks are displayed publicly in all three St. Mary’s County public libraries and at the Department of Curriculum and Instruction for public preview before adoption. Notices of such adoptions appear in the local press.

A list of the most frequently used textbooks is provided. Questions regarding the use of textbooks and other instructional resources should be addressed to the teacher and/or principal.