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Welcome to the St. Mary's County Public Schools
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Please note:

FIRST DAY OF WINTER TRYOUTSISNOVEMBER 14, 2015 as November 15, falls on a Sunday.

(posted (1/7/15)

2016!!!  FIRST DAY OF SPRING SPORTS ISMARCH 1, 2016 (posted 2/25/15)


FIRST DAY OF 2016 FALL TRYOUTS IS AUGUST 10, 2016  (posted 8/13/15)

Need to know future start dates? If in any doubt, please check with your high school A.D.

Go to: http://www.mpssaa.org/assets/publications/Projected%20Dates%20List%2013-21.pdf

IMPORTANT TRY-OUT INFORMATION: All interested athletes are expected to be present from day one and have all required documentation fully completed if they wish to compete for a place on the team. Failure to submit all required forms/cards by the deadline set by the high school will necessitate the exclusion of the student. This is because prior to allowing a student to participate in any tryout or sport, the high school must collect at a minimum the following: current medical clearance specifically to participate in high school sports; parental permission to participate, verification of medical insurance/policy number, a pre-participation head injury/concussion form, and updated medical concerns that the coaches need to be aware of.  Students must be academically eligible as well as not being on the school's debt list.  Acceptance of team rules may also be required.  All these things must be checked prior to participation.  Allowing  participation without official clearance may not only put the individual student at risk but may also consititute a violation of state athletic rules with regard to the participation of ineligible students.  There are state penalties associated with such violations which can include declaring the athlete ineligible for sixty days, and game forfeitures for the entire team. A player assessment rubric is applied from day one so being absent may seriously jeopardize an individual's chance of making the team. Mandatory heat acclimatization/gradual introduction of protective equipment in the fall is a further reason that players need to be present from the first day.  It is recommended that physicals be done in July as they are good for one calendar year. In order to ensure the safety and security of players and coaches; eliminate unnecessary distractions; and protect the integrity of the tryout process, no third party observers are permitted at athletic practices or tryouts.

Southern Maryland Athletic Conference (this will take you to a site outside the SMCPS site)


Please note: Participation on outside teams is permitted provided it does not interfere with the high school program. Student-athletes are encouraged to choose between an outside team and a school team if they are unable to meet the commitments required by either team. It is unfair to their teammates and to others who may not have made the team if they are not fully committed to the team.

St. Mary’s County Public Schools support the philosophy that a quality interscholastic athletics program is vital to the positive social, physical, and educational development of students.  The education-based athletics program enhances and supports the academic mission of the school system.   We are committed to promoting the proper ideals of sportsmanship, ethical conduct, and fair play at all athletic contests.  We support high standards of good citizenship and propriety, along with regard for the rights of others.  Being a member of the interscholastic athletics program is a privilege to be earned and maintained throughout the season. Participants are expected to represent themselves, their families, their teams, and their schools in a responsible, sportsmanlike manner each time they enter a school, step onto the practice field, and/or participate in a game.

Fall Season 2014-15

August 13, 2014 to last MPSSAA contest

Winter Season 2014-15

November 15, 2014 to last MPSSAA contest

Spring Season 2014-15

February 28, 2015 to last MPSSAA contest

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