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Department of Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development


The Department of Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development provides support to schools for implementing the curriculum and instructional program for St. Mary's County Public Schools. In addition, this office supports the professional development of all staff through a variety of programs and experiences. 

Our department serves to increase teacher effectiveness and student performance by:

  • Providing purposeful curriculum expectations and a vision for excellence in teaching and instruction;
  • Guiding feedback through an aligned assessment plan that provides meaningful information about student learning; and
  • Supporting growth through ongoing and high quality professional development.







Professional  Development

Instructional Programs


Career and Technology Education

Early Childhood

Environmental Education

English Language Arts - Secondary

English for Speakers of Other Languages

Fine Arts

Gifted and Talented

Health Education

Instructional Technology

Library Media


Physical Education

Reading Language Arts - Elementary


Social Studies

World Languages

JAMwork2015bDr. Jeffrey A. Maher
Chief Academic Officer