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Title I

Kelly Hall - Executive Director of Elementary Education, Title I, and the Judy Center
Martina Green - Administrative Secretary
Phone (301) 475-5511, ext. 32136
Fax (301) 475-4254


The Title I Office is responsible for implementing and monitoring No Child Left Behind (NCLB) guidelines and regulations as they relate to Title I compliance with respect to the following components: Highly Qualified; Parent Involvement; School Improvement; School Choice; Supplemental Educational Services; Schoolwide Programs; Targeted Assistance Programs; Private Schools; Complaint Procedures; Comparability; and Fiscal Requirements.

Main Functions:

    • Develop and monitor procedures for each Title I school to maintain compliance with NCLB requirements for review each year by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE).
    • Provide Title I budget development, alignment, and monitoring to assist Title I schools with purchasing and implementing research-based instructional materials, hiring additional staff, and supporting parent involvement activities. Professional development to support the approved instructional programs is also funded by Title I.
    • Plan and implement non-public Title I tutoring programs for qualifying students at participating non-public schools.
    • Schedule and facilitate St. Mary’s County Public Schools’ Federal Grant Informational Meetings for non-public school administrators.
    • Work collaboratively with Title I school principals to implement the Teacher Performance Assessment System (TPAS) by observing and evaluating teachers assigned to the summative assessment cycle.
    • Complete all required MSDE reports in a timely manner, including the Annual Title I Program Review, the Comparability Report, and the Demographics Participation Report.


Parent Information on Highly Qualified Staff: