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Work Hard and Be Nice Awards

The Work Hard and Be Nice award recognizes distinct and extraordinary accomplishments of St. Mary’s County Public Schools (SMCPS) employees in connection with official employment. Dedicated employees clearly contribute to the success of the school system and its children. Award recipients enhance both the success and the reputation of our school system through their extraordinary actions.


Mr. J. Scott Smith, Interim Superintendent of Schools, will acknowledge these outstanding employees with a certificate, recognition, and a well deserved "Thank you" letter. The names of recipients will be read aloud at Board of Education Meetings.


The person nominated must be an employee of SMCPS who:

  • Has demonstrated extraordinary behavior well beyond daily roles and responsibilities.
  • Significantly impacted students, staff, or community.
  • Made a superior contribution of time/effort to the success of a project.
  • Shown exceptional participation or leadership in a regular or special assignment.
  • Shown exceptional participation or leadership in responding to an emergency situation.

Nomination Process

  • Any SMCPS employee can be nominated by anyone other than a student.
  • A nomination form should be submitted to Mr. J. Scott Smith, Office of the Superintendent, which contains the name, position, and work location of the employee, along with a description of events and actions performed by the employee related to the award.

Approval Process

  • A recognition committee will review nominations and provide recommendations to the Superintendent.
  • Award recipients will be notified by the Superintendent’s Office.

Work Hard Be Nice Award Winners


To see past years winners go to the WHBN Archive.