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Home Access Center, or HAC for short, is a web based application which is tightly integrated with the Teacher Access Center; the electronic gradebook system used by our teachers. It is designed to be easy to use and equally as easy to share information between teachers, school officials, and parents.

Web Login:

hac30As part of our recent eSchool update, the look of HAC has changed its appearance. When you click on the link to HAC, you will find this login:

Simply type your HAC username and password and you will be able to find the same data about your student by clicking one of the 5 icons across the top. Thank you and we hope you enjoy this newer, cleaner HAC experience.



HAC Mobile App - eSchool Plus Family

This year SMCPS has added mobile support for Home Access Center thanks to the eSchool Plus Family App!


App Login:


The first time you use the mobile app it will ask for permission to send you notifications. Enabling this feature allows the app to make you aware of breaking news, events, and updates related to your student(s) and their school(s).









When searching for your district please search by your zip code.











Or if searching my name type "St Mary" & MD for the state.










HACloginAfter selecting your district you can log in using the same name and password used by the HAC website.











Additional HAC Resources:

HAC Manual

Mobile App User Guide

Firefox Trouble Shooting: If you experience trouble opening an attachment from HAC in Mozilla Firefox, you can Right Click and select “Save Link As” in order to save the attachment to your local machine. Navigate to file location and open accordingly.

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Common Core Resources



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Please follow the provided hyperlink to access the Maryland State Department of Education's resource page for materials related to the Common Core State Standards.


Common Core State Standards

Resources for Parents and Students





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Process/Product Grading and Recovery

The Superintendent has emphasized a student-centered instructional model in which feedback and grading will be reported to parents via the Home Access Center (HAC) categorized as either process or product. Process refers to activities, homework, class work, and experiences in which learning is “under construction”, whereas products refers to demonstrations, performances, and assessments of student learning. In addition, the Superintendent has reinforced our core value that “all children can and will learn” – a belief that drives our work and defines our mission statement.