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Department of Student Services


Dr. Charles E. Ridgell, III

Director of Student Services

Department Overview

The Student Services Department works to provide a systematic and integrated program to enhance student achievement by promoting safe, orderly, nurturing, and healthy learning environments. The goal of assisting students to achieve academic, health, career, personal, and interpersonal competencies is accomplished through the support for and implementation of: research-based, effective programs, school, family and community partnerships; and targeted professional development.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Provides a developmental program for all students to maximize their personal and social skills as well as identify career goals.
  • Provides school counseling services for the personal and academic growth of students; the development of educational and career decision-making skills; and the development of interpersonal skills.
  • Provides student academic planning to meet graduation requirements and prepare students for post secondary college and career goals.
  • Analyzes, integrates, and reports psychological and educational information about students.
  • Consults with school personnel in planning, implementing, and evaluating school programs to meet educational, behavioral, or emotional need of students.
  • Supports the health education instructional program and consults with parents, students, and staff on health issues.
  • Provides first aid and emergency services and promotes a healthful school environment.
  • Coordinates mandated health screening programs.
  • Functions as a liaison between the school, the home, and community agencies.
  • Ensures appropriate application of laws, regulations, and local policies related to students.