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Department of Special Education

melissa charbonnetMrs. Melissa Charbonnet
Director of Special Education

301-475-5511 ext 32220

The Department of Special Education is responsible for providing a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) to students with disabilities from birth through the age of 21 regardless of the severity of their disability. To the maximum extent appropriate, students receive instruction in the general education classroom with the necessary accommodations and adaptations provided by the general education and special education staff. St. Mary's County Public Schools provides a full continuum of services for students with disabilities with adherence to the requirements of serving students in their home schools and in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) as determined by the student IEPs.

Primary Responsibilities

The Director of Special Education oversees the primary responsibilities of the department and works collaboratively with other departments to effectively provide services to students with disabilities. The Director of Special Education is responsible for developing and supporting specialized programs, monitoring compliance of IDEA, recruitment, retention and training of staff and responding to parent and school inquires and concerns.

Please refer to the following school assignment list. If parents have questions about their child's specific IEP, they are encouraged to contact the school administrator and/or IEP Chairperson. Parents may also contact the assigned Special Education Supervisor regarding their child's IEP implementation.

Please refer to the Program Descriptions link on the left side of this page for Department of Special Education programs and contact information within the Department of Special Education.

Deparment of Special Education Staffing Plan (2014.2015)

Please direct all comments and questions about the posted staffing plan to Ms. Melissa Charbonnet at mbcharbonnet@smcps.org


Honora Batelka  hkbatelka@smcps.org
301-475-5511 ext 32227

  • Chesapeake Public Charter School
  • Leonardtown Middle School
  • Spring Ridge Middle School
  • Fairlead Academy I
  • Great Mills High School

Marcie Hough mahough@smcps.org
301-475-5511 ext 32225

  • George Washington Carver Elementary School
  • Lexington Park Elementary School
  • Ridge Elementary School
  • Margaret Brent Middle School
  • Chopticon High School
  • Nonpublic Special Education Placement Schools

Cynthia Kilcoyne ckkilcoyne@smcps.org
301-475-5511 ext 32218

  • Green Holly Elementary School
  • Greenview Knolls Elementary School
  • Leonardtown Elementary School
  • Mechanicsville Elementary School
  • Oakville Elementary School
  • Park Hall Elementary School

Debra Pearce dspearce@smcps.org
301-475-5511 x32226

  • Benjamin Banneker Elementary School
  • Dynard Elementary School
  • Lettie Marshall Dent Elementary School 

  • Town Creek Elementary School

  • Esperanza Middle School

Wallace Roberts wdroberts@smcps.org
301-475-5511 ext 32211

  • Evergreen Elementary School
  • Greenview Knolls Elementary School
  • Hollywood Elementary School
  • Oakville Elementary School
  • White Marsh Elementary School
  • Piney Point Elementary School
  • Evergreen Elementary School
  • Fairlead Academy II
  • Forest Career and Technology Center
  • Leonardtown High School
Department Contact Information

23160 Moakley Street
Leonardtown, MD 20650
Phone: 301-475-5511 Ext. 32206
Fax: 301-475-2469