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St. Mary’s County has 17 elementary schools serving students pre-k to grade 5. Each school has a competent and well trained principal with our larger elementary sites having an assistant principal. All teachers are highly qualified and certificated for their area of assignment. In addition, each elementary school has the support of a certified guidance counselor who serves an integral part of the school’s leadership team. Support staff are highly skilled and trained for their positions.

Students are taught a rich and robust academic program with differentiated instruction to meet individual learning needs. SMCPS follows Maryland’s curriculum and instructional framework. We provide numerous opportunities for students to expand and enrich their academic skills with small group instruction, academic competitions, clubs, and school based organizations and productive partnerships with Johns Hopkins University and the College of William and Mary. Opportunities are also available for academic intervention using research based, scientifically proven practices that allow students to develop and recover needed skills for scholastic success.

We also have a highly successful public charter school, Chesapeake Public Charter School. CPCS serves students in grades k-8. As a public charter school, all school based staff are certified for their field and meet highly qualified status. The school has a director and an academic dean in leadership positions. CPCS has a focus on integrated instruction, environmental science. Currently 291 students attend CPCS and students are selected through a lottery process.

Please visit the individual elementary and charter school links to learn more about a specific school.


St. Mary’s County Public Schools (SMCPS) has four middle schools serving over three thousand five hundred students grades sixth through eight. They are: Esperanza Middle School, Leonardtown Middle School, Margaret Brent Middle School, and Spring Ridge Middle School. Each school dedicates ninety minutes of daily instruction to mathematics and ninety minutes to reading/language arts. This is balanced with science, social studies, world language, and the unified arts to ensure that all rising students are well prepared for the rigors of high school.


St. Mary’s County Public Schools (SMCPS) has three comprehensive high schools: Chopticon High School, Great Mills High School, and Leonardtown High School serving over five thousand students. At each site, students can access a wide variety of tailored courses including twenty-two Advanced Placement offerings in English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, World Languages, and Technology.

In addition to the comprehensive high schools, we also offer vibrant College and Career Readiness pathways at The James A. Forrest Career and Technology Center. Here students can apply their learning in programs as diverse as the Academy of Health Professionals, Criminal Justice, Production Engineering, and the Building Trades.

For the non-traditional learner we offer the Fairlead Academy, an intimate learning environment with embedded academic support and wrap-around student services.