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Lisa Miller
Fiscal/Records Specialist
Phone:  301-475-5511, extension 32168
Fax: 301-475-4228

Responsibilities of the Fiscal Compliance Specialist include:

  • School activity fund internal audit - The St. Mary's County Public Schools (SMCPS) School Activity Fund Accounting Manual list the accounting procedures and guidelines as mandated in SMCPS Policy JJF
  • Quicken software training and support
  • Monthly bank account reconciliation
  • Account coding for curriculum related school bus invoices
  • Equipment inventory and fixed assets reporting - An inventory and fixed asset database is maintained for all furniture and equipment with a minimum cost of $1,000.00.  Inventory and Fixed Asset procedures comply with SMCPS Policy DID and Policy DIDA.
  • Use of school facilities applications - The use of SMCPS facilities and grounds for community purposes is encouraged in accordance with the Public School Law of Maryland.  Organization requesting to use SMCPS facilities must comply with SMCPS Policy KF.