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Budget Office

Patricia Van Ryswick
Budget Analyst
Phone:  301-475-5511, extention 32172
Fax:  301-475-4228 

The budget office is responsible for coordination, preparation, formulation, presentation, and execution of the operating and CIP budgets.  As such, this includes but is not limited to the following: 

Consolidation of data for the presentation of the budget
Providing a viable overview of the financial status of the school system operations
Maintaining accounting records and analyzing funds to identify possible trends
Evaluating the relationships between major program changes and the financial status of the school system
Ensuring adequate funds for program coverage, and preparing reports, forms and schedules
Providing financial advice for proper program planning and effective decision-making
Researching, analyzing, and making recommendations concerning budget requests and policy issues
Providing advice and technical assistance to all departments
Processing budget transfer and categorical requests
Developing monthly financial statements for the Superintendent’s cabinet, support teams, BOE and BOCC information. 

This office also handles various responsibilities and activities such as the development of school allotments, ethics financial interest disclosure reporting, assisting the SMCPS Ethics Panel members, etc.  The budget office works with and supports the efforts of site administrators and their staff who are involved in finance and budget related matters, and with individuals within and outside the school system. 

Budget Forms