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Executive Director of Supplemental School Programs

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  • There are 17 elementary schools that serve grades Pre-K to 5 and one public charter school that serves grades K-8. Direct support, oversight, guidance, and supervision are provided to each elementary school in the areas of Administration, Academics, and Accountability, as well as Parent and Community relations.
  • Primary responsibilities are to ensure that the elementary and public charter schools are working efficiently and effectively, are appropriately staffed, and have the necessary materials, processes, and procedures in place to facilitate an orderly school environment.
  • An area of additional focus and attention is ensuring that all principals and assistant principals are well placed, trained, and supported in their positions.


Early Childhood Education

St. Mary's County Public Schools recognizes the value of high quality, developmentally appropriate early learning experiences for children. All early childhood programs are taught by certificated teachers and are supported by credentialed para-educators. Bus transportation is provided.

There are a variety of learning opportunities for three and four year old students based on individual learning needs and risk factors. These programs include Head Start and Pre-Kindergarten.

The Judy Center provides comprehensive family support services for children 0 to age 5 and their families residing in the George Washington Carver and Green Holly Elementary School zones.

Kindergarten programs are available in each elementary school and are full day programs.

Please take the appropriate link to learn more about early childhood programs in St. Mary’s County Public Schools.

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Head Start

The SMCPS Head Start program provides services for children ages three through five and their families. We work together with our community partners to ensure that children are socially, emotionally, and physically ready to transition to Kindergarten. There are four sites: Northern – Mechanicsville Elementary, Central- Benjamin Banneker and Southern - Green Holly Elementary and Greenview Knolls.

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Judy Center

The Judy Centers provide services for children age birth through Kindergarten and their families. We work together with our community partners to ensure that children are socially, emotionally, and physically ready for first grade. Most services, programs and activities are free. Families must live in the Green Holly and George Washington Carver school zones to be eligible for services.

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Title I

A Federal Grant that provides academic and family support to economically disadvantaged children. There are four identified elementary schools in St. Mary’s County that receive assistance from Title I based on the numbers of students receiving Free and Reduced Meals. The Title One schools include: Green Holly Elementary, Lexington Park Elementary, George Washington Carver Elementary, and Park Hall Elementary.

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