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Department of Transportation

Jeffrey K. Thompson, Director of Transportation
St. Mary's County Public Schools
Division of Supporting Services
27190 Point Lookout Road,
Loveville, MD 20656
Phone 301-475-4256 option 2

Vision Statement: Approach student transportation with the belief that every student deserves the privilege of a safe, reliable, timely, and cost effective transportation services in a clean and pleasant environment.


The Department of Transportation is responsible for the safe, effective, timely and economical transportation of students.  The Department of Transportation is responsible for planning, monitoring, and coordinating daily operations, supervising contractors, training of all over-the-road personnel, and the inspection of equipment.

Safe, reliable and efficient transportation by bus to school is available to every St. Mary’s County Public School student who:

  • Lives more than one-half mile from an elementary school;
  • Lives more than one mile from a secondary school;
  • Lives within prescribed walking distance from school, but encounters unsafe walking conditions;
  • Attends special education classes and requires special transportation.

In addition to transportation to and from school each day, program bus services are provided for field trips for special instructional programs, athletic and music events, as well as extended day, before and after school programs, evening and summer programs.  Transportation of special needs students includes special needs students at home schools, transportation of the homeless and teen parents.  Transportation is also provided to our students who attend special State schools, such as the Maryland School for the Deaf and the Maryland School for the Blind, High Roads, Harbour School, Chelsea  and Leary.