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Department of Operations

AshleyAshley Varner
Director of Operations
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Vision Statement

The vision of the Department of Operations is to deliver a high standard of support that provides every student with a clean and pleasant environment in which to learn and achieve, while constantly seeking new ways to provide effective and efficient operations.


The Department of Operations is fundamentally responsible for ensuring that the students of St. Mary's County have learning environments which are clean, safe, attractive, and comfortable. The physical assets of the public school buildings are protected by a vigorous maintenance program. Schools are operated effectively and efficiently through good communications, continuous training of personnel and utilization of technology. The Department of Operations is composed of three groups; central operations located at Loveville, site-based operations staff, and operations support staff, which is also located at Loveville.

Main Functions

  • Maintain the physical plant in a safe, well organized, and clean environment.
  • Ensure that all building systems are kept in operating conditions that promote learning.
  • Provide for the efficient use of energy resources.
  • Increase efficiency through continuous monitoring of work methods and procedures of staff.
  • Provide in-service training to keep site-based staff current with new technology and methods.