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Department of Capital Planning and Green Schools

Kim 3 - 2011 12 05


Kimberly Howe
Director of Capital Planning and Green Schools
Department of Capital Planning and Green Schools
Division of Supporting Services
27190 Point Lookout Road
Loveville, MD 20656
301-475-4256, extension 6




Vision Statement

The vision of the Department of Capital Planning and Green Schools is to provide quality analysis and recommendations to decision makers and the community to allow them to support equitable educational opportunities and fiscal responsibility, while championing sustainability and energy conservation.


The Department of Capital Planning and Green Schools is responsible for development and alignment of comprehensive strategic plans with capital and the operating budgets, for maintaining and coordinating the process for boundary changes, for developing accurate and timely short and long-term enrollment projections, for research, development and deployment of new grant initiatives, and for developing collaborative relationships with external partners that benefit schools and support system priorities.

Main Functions

  • School enrollment forecasting and demographic analysis for system wide and individual school enrollments

  • Developing the six-year Capital Improvements Program (CIP) to secure local and state funding
  • Annual updating of the Educational Facilities Master Plan
  • Conduct school redistricting studies
  • Facilitating planning processes in accordance with Board of Education policies to incorporate program needs and public involvement in long-range facility plan
  • Providing school boundary information to staff and the public
  • Developing Geographic Information System (GIS) programs to support demographic analyses and maintenance of school boundary information
  • Serving as liaison with county and state officials to ensure understanding and support for school system capital projects
  • Incorporating county approved residential development plans, residential zoning changes, and county growth policies in enrollment forecasts and facility plans
  • Annually assessing school capacities and enrollment forecast to recommend placement of relocatable classrooms
  • Through sound planning principles, coordinate land acquisition for future school sites and processing state and local review and approvals
  • Green School Program Development & Implementation
  • Mobile Classroom Development & Implementation
  • Green School Coordinator Program
  • Green School Certification Program (MAEOE)
  • Energy Conservation & Recycling