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Adult Education / GED

For information on Adult Education classes and orientaions, please contact Frazer Nelson at 301-475-0242, Ext. 28132 or eamil fnnelson@smcps.org.


 GED and ESL Orientations for the 2014 - 2015 school year are scheduled monthly.  Please check our website for scheduled dates.


We welcome all adults who need to earn a high school diploma or to improve their English speaking and writing skills. We have morning, afternoon and evening classes in several locations throughout the county. It’s never too late to learn!



A Program of Adult Basic Education, GED instruction and classes for adult English Language Learners where you can:

  • Brush up on basic skills such as reading, writing, and mathematics
  • Prepare for the GED test to earn a High School Diploma
  • Arrange your hours of attendance according to your schedule
  • Improve your English speaking and writing skills
  • Work at your own pace, in a relaxed setting, with material selected for you personally

Adult Education - Vision

Vision of the Adult Education Program

St. Mary’s County Public Schools Adult Education Program is a vibrant community of actively engaged learners, taught by highly qualified teachers in a continuum of education. We build on the learners’ prior knowledge and focus on their goals and needs in order for them to be successful in today’s workplace, home and community, often overcoming barriers and transforming lives. Our goal is a fully literate and involved society with members who value learning at every level.

“Choose Success!”