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Assistant Superintendent of Instruction

Overview of the Division of Instruction

The Division of Instruction (DOI) is comprised of the Department of Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development; The Department of Special Education; The Department of Student Services; The Department of Instructional Technology; The Department of Informational Technology; The Department of Elementary and Early Childhood Interventions; and The Department of College and Career Readiness. As a Division, Instruction implements curriculum, trains staff, assesses student progress, provides support and intervention, and observes and evaluates all certificated staff.


Our work is captured annually in the Bridge to Excellence Annual Update to the Master Plan. Currently we are implementing the Common Core and complying with the mandates outlined in the Race to the Top grant recieved two years ago. Both documents are provided below, as well as a video summarizing our work.


James Scott Smith

Assistant Superintendent of Instruction (acting) 










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Master Plan

Race to the Top

Educator Effectiveness
Primary Responsibilities
  • Increase student achievement for all students while eliminating gaps in academic achievement among student groups with respect to gender, disability, race, or socioeconomic status.
  • Coordinate the county-wide instructional program through curriculum development, assessment development and implementation and oversight of the instructional program and the implementation of the Core Curriculum.
  • Supervision and evaluation of all instructional staff members, administrators, supervisors, and coordinators.
  • Oversees the process of reviewing, selecting, and evaluating all instructional materials and textbooks.
  • Set expectations for student and staff performance.
  • Expand the use of technology in instructional programs.
  • Provide the necessary resources to implement our programs.
  • Provide professional development that addresses student and staff needs and system priorities.
  • Create a learning environment that supports excellence via proactive supporting services.
  • Develop partnerships with parents and community that support our students, schools, and programs.
  • Ensure the effective and efficient use of system resources.
  • Oversee a significant portion of the general fund budget and more than $11,000,000 in grant funds.

Direct Reports

  • Ms. Melissa Charbonnet, Executive Director of Special Education & Student Services
  • Mr. David Howard, Director of Information Technology
  • Mrs. Regina Greely, Director of Learning Management Systems
  • Ms. Kelly Hall, Executive Director of Elementary Schools, Title I, and Head Start
  • Dr. Jeff Maher, Executive Director of Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development
  • Dr. Charles Ridgell, Director of Student Services

For assistance call the Assistant Superintendent of Instruction:

Kim Short, Administrative Assistant 301 475-5511, x32139

Kristee Boyle, Secretary 301 475-5511, x32135

St. Mary's County Public Schools
Division of Instruction
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Phone: 301-475-5511 FAX: 301-475-4229