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SMCPS Academies

The academy application process for the 2014-2015 school year is now closed.

STEM Academy

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St. Mary’s County Public School System has developed a rigorous and unique program of study emphasizing the core areas of mathematics and science with an infusion of technology and engineering. This STEM program is offered to all SMCPS students and housed at three schools: Lexington Park Elementary School, Spring Ridge Middle School, and Great Mills High School. The proximity of these three schools to the Patuxent River Naval Air Station and the Technology Corridor make them ideal sites. NOTE: Current STEM students transitioning from 5th to 6th or 8th to 9th will need to reapply.

Academy of Visual and Performing Arts

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An education in the Arts can enhance academic achievement, social and emotional development, civic engagement, and teamwork. It can also improve a child’s confidence, motivation, and concentration. Participation in a strong Arts program provides not only the opportunity to understand and appreciate the dedication needed to find success as a performer or artist, but also develops cultural citizens who are creative thinkers and problem solvers. The development of these skills will help today’s graduates to be successful no matter their chosen field of study.

Academy of Finance

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The National Academy of Finance is a School of Business Finance and Management. The Academy offers students opportunities to create an impressive portfolio of skills. The students develop professional skills, receive specialized instruction in business finance and management, and gain an awareness of the marketable skills needed to be successful in the field. The students may also acquire practical experience via field trips, internship opportunities, and course projects. The program of study for the Academy represents a partnership between the Maryland State Department of Education and the National Academy Foundation.

Global & International Studies Academy

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International Education provides students with knowledge of world regions, cultures, and global/international issues. Students participating in international studies develop skills in communicating in languages other than English, working in global or cross-cultural environments, and using information from different sources around the world. An international studies program provides opportunities for students to develop a respect and concern for other cultures and people.

Academy Student Recommendations

Every applicant must provide a recommendation to complete their application process. It is the responsibility of each applicant to direct their recommending party to this site so that the recommendation can be submitted to the online application database.

Excellent examples of recommending parties include: teachers, administrators, coaches, tutors, employers, and organization leaders.

STEM applicants must be receiving their recommendation from a science or math teacher.

Current STEM students that are reapplying for 5-6th grade and 8-9th grade transitions do not need a reccomendation.

Recommending parties should use the link below to submit their formal recommendations:

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