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Welcome to St. Mary's County Public Schools (SMCPS) where over 94% of our students graduate ready to take on the challenges of college or careers. With 18,067 students, our school system is large enough to offer a wide variety of academic programs and services, yet small enough to maintain an atmosphere of friendliness, helpfulness, and personalized service.  Our work is driven by three planning documents.  Links to each are below:

We understand that education must engage students and align to their interests and aspirations. To do this, we provide a tailored educational experience to our learners, offering choice of courses and academic pathways.  We are particularly proud of our signature academic pathways: the STEM Academy, The Academy of Global International Studies, The National Academy of Finance and our newest addition, the Academy of Visual and Performing Arts. Couple this with our James A. Forrest Career and Technology Center and the possibilities for our students reflect the needs of the 21st Century.  

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STUDENT FACTS (2016 - 2017)

28 Schools
Elementary  18
Public Charter
Career & Technology Center
Fairlead Academy
Enrollment 18,072
White  64.9%
African American 18.4% 
Hispanic 6.8% 
Asian <5% 
American Indian/Alaska Native <5% 
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander <5% 
Two or More Races 7% 
Students Receiving Special Services 
Title I (Elementary Only) 27.3% 
Limited English Proficient <5% 
Free/Reduced Meals 32.25% 
Special Education 10.4% 
Attendance & Graduation 
Attendance - Elementary >95% 
Attendance - Middle 94.7% 
Attendance - High 93.3% 
Student Mobility (SY15) 
Elementary 17.8% 
Middle 14.2% 
High  10.4% 
Our Staff  
Professional Staff 1445 
Classified Staff 758 
Teachers' Average Years of Service 13.54 
Classes taught by highly qualified teachers  97.6% 
Average Class Size 
Grade Pre-K  18.5
Grade K  20.5
Grades 1-2 21.5
Grades 3-5 22.9
Grades 6-8 19.6
Grades 9-12 22.3
Educational Pathways Enrollment
Chesapeake Public Charter (K-8) 380 
Fairlead Academy I (9-10) 145 
Fairlead Academy II (11-12) 92 
J.A. Forrest Center (9-12) 1,018 
Academy of Finance (9-12) 142 
Academy of Visual & Performing Arts 43 
Global & International Studies (9-12) 155 
STEM Academies (4-12) 398 
Class of 2015
Graduation Rate (4-Year Cohort) 94.3% 
Dropout Rate 4.1% 
Attend a 4-Year College 30.4% 
Attend a 2-Year College 47.9% 
Attend a Trade/Technical School <5% 
Enter the Workforce 12% 
Enter the Military 8.1% 
Scholarships Offered $34.6M 
ELL Program
Approximately 240 students participate in the program for English Language Learners (ELL)
Early Childhood
165 students participate in Head Start, a federally funded early learning program for income eligible 3 and 4 year olds. There are 780 Pre-K 4 spaces with 760 spaces for half day and 20 full day spaces. There are 68 half day spaces for Pre-K 3. Full-day kindergarten is currently held at all St. Mary's County public elementary schools.